City Music (1974)
for Large Orchestra 

    1.  Song (15:11)

    2.  Dance (11:16)


CITY MUSIC was my first major effort for orchestra, written just after I left college and took a position in the Phoenix Symphony.  It was written as a gift and tribute to Vilem Sokol, legendary conductor of the Seattle Youth Symphony, to whom I owe the inspiration to pursue music as a career.  It was first performed by the Seattle Youth Symphony, with Vilem Sokol conducting, in the Seattle Opera House, in May 1976.

Following a rather stormy compositional career in college, I set out with this piece to consolidate what I had learned experimenting in school, while attempting a more colloquial style.  At this time, most orchestras were not doing "pops" concerts, but I felt that rock, blues, and jazz had a lot to offer.  This work was the result.  With the exception of Bernstein, most American music was derived from folk music or country music.  This work was based more on music from the city, hence the name.

It is interesting to me that when this work was performed the first few times in the mid-1970s, it was rhythmically challenging for even professional orchestras.  But by 1980, most orchestras were performing a Pops series, and when the work was performed in 1986 at Arizona State University, its rhythmic passages were no longer a problem.  






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